If you’re thinking of going on holiday or wondering what your next travels might be – the good news is that there are endless choices when it comes to taking a break. However, one thing you should do is book the right holiday for you and ensure everything is organised to give you the best possible chance of having smooth holiday travels. Here are some ideas on what to do when booking a holiday. Read More →

We learn so much from our parents, and their guidance and tuition helps us make our way through the big wide world. Honestly, I still call on my parents for help and advice, but there’s one particular department that I wish my parents would have discussed more openly with me when I was growing up. This is, of course, the topic of money!

I know that in many households, money isn’t a conversational topic that is easy to start. For whatever reason, parents may be hesitant to discuss finances with their children. I know that parents do the best they can, however, I would have liked to have been a bit more prepared to take on the big wide world when the time came for me to take charge of my own finances. Read More →

If there is anything you can predict about the May bank holiday weather, it is that it is unpredictable. We had some really warm days throughout April, but if you’re anything like me you’re tempted to put the heating on – so who knows what the 1st bank holiday of May is going to bring. Here are some fool-proof tips for dressing for the Bank Holiday. Read More →

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a tenant rather than a homeowner, but depending on your landlord it can make making changes to your home/garden tricky. For example, you probably can’t rip up the lawn and lay down paving. However that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with a garden that you hate, here’s how to make your rented garden shine. Read More →

Being productive for many people feels like a daily battle, especially when it comes to doing tasks and jobs that they don’t like. The problem is that just because you ignore tasks and jobs that doesn’t mean that they go away; instead, your to-do list gets bigger and your stress levels get higher. Want to know how to be productive? Here are some tips! Read More →